Sep 5, 2016

Early Draft - Why Batman matters to us

There have been so many interpretations of Batman, it's easy to lose track. Chris Brosnahan looks at why Batman has continued to resonate throughout the decades.


Aug 21, 2016

What Superman is all about

What's so awesome about Superman? And what did Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Superman Returns get so wrong? Why has Superman remained relevant for so many decades? Why does he resonate? In this short podcast, Chris Brosnahan explores.


Dec 23, 2014

A Christmas Carol - Early Draft Podcast Christmas Special

Merry Christmas, everyone. Here's a free reading (by Chris Brosnahan) of the entirety of A Christmas Carol. It's a free audiobook for you to download and enjoy. If you haven't read (or reread recently) A Christmas Carol, get ready to marvel at what a piece of structure it is - in just five staves, it's tight, smartly plotted and constantly moving forward. Enjoy!


Dec 3, 2014

Early Draft Episode 4 - Cliffhangers

The latest episode is all about cliffhangers - what they are, what they need to have, and discussion of some great cliffhangers in the past. The topic of this episode is to tie in with Chris's new book, Deadlines, which has been published in ten parts, and has just had the mother of all cliffhangers on the latest part. If you're interested, you can read it here.


Nov 23, 2014

Early Draft Episode 3 - Main Characters

In the latest episode, Chris and Richard discuss everything to do with main characters - what should they be, what's the received wisdom and what do they think you should do? Also - 'Write what you know'...overrated advice?


Oct 5, 2014

Early Draft Episode 2 - Openings

How should you start your novels? Opening chapters, prologues and introductions. Chris Brosnahan and Richard Kellum discuss the received wisdom, what different genres need and great openings.


Sep 20, 2014

Early Draft Episode 1

It's the first episode of Early Draft, the writing podcast with Chris Brosnahan and Richard Kellum. in association with the Big Green Bookshop in North London. We'll be discussing a different writing topic every episode. In this one, we're talking about a topic close to our hearts - writing groups, whether they work and what they can do.

Also, we discuss which books on writing you absolutely should read, and then why you should stop reading books on writing. And we'll even discuss what the hell makes us two guys worth listening to about any of this.
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